reqwire supports all versions of Python above 2.7. The recommneded way to install reqwire is with pip:

$ pip install reqwire

Source code is available on GitHub.


  1. Run reqwire init in the working directory of your Python project. This will scaffold out a requirements directory:

    ├── lck
    └── src
        ├── main.in
        ├── qa.in
        └── test.in
  2. To add requirements during development, use reqwire add [-t <tag name>] <requirement>.

    For example, reqwire add -t qa flake8 will:

    • Resolve the latest version of flake8 (e.g. flake8==3.2.1).
    • Add flake8==3.2.1 to requirements/src/qa.in.
  1. To compile tags, use reqwire build -t <tag name>.

    To quickly compile all tags, use reqwire build -a.